Eco Friendly

➤ Environment is most important aspect in today‚Äôs life and our organization look forward to protect the environment.

➤ We give importance to environmental factors like recycling of paper, use of starch gums, staple less boxes.

➤ We have equipped ourselves with the glue pasting machines for staple less boxes and also we use vegetable starch Gum.

➤We offer an array of environment friendly and Bio degree Box to our clients.


➤ Corrugated Packaging is a natural, environment friendly medium that is recycled more than any other packaging material.

➤ We make stronger boxes using less raw material and generating less waste at the source.

➤ Ozone depleting chemicals have been virtually eliminated for the manufacturing process; the use of heavy metals have been drastically reduced; over 100% of ink on boxes are now water based and non-toxic; and virtually all box plant trimmings (waste for manufacturing) are recycled.