Thermocol Sheet

price start 40 rs per sheet

How Thermocol Sheets Have Impacted Different Industries?


A thermocol sheet is a plastic film that is used in a variety of industries. These include the food industry, packaging, and construction. It is also used to make clothing, such as protective gear for firefighters.


Thermocol sheet from Hare Ram Hand Works has several advantages over other materials used in these industries.


  • The thermocol sheet is inexpensive and easy to use
  • Thermocol is resistant to high temperatures
  • Thermocol does not absorb odors or stains
  • Thermocol does not need to be washed before use
  • Thermocol sheets can be recycled after use without damaging the environment


You would be happy to know that the thermocol sheet price is low. However, it should only be used in areas that do not get much sunlight. Additionally, the thermocol sheet must be installed correctly to prevent issues with airflow or air conditioning leakage.


Ø  Thermocol sheet for food packaging


Thermocol sheet from Hare Ram Hand Works is a polymeric material specially made for use in food packaging. It is often used in place of plastic wrap, as it can be easily cut and folded into any shape without damaging the food inside. It is also tear-resistant and leak-proof, making it ideal for hot or cold foods.